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Our Franchises are our top priority. We understand feeling secure in your business means being prepared, so we make sure to give you all the information, tools, and resources you need. Not only will you have a dedicated Sure Start Consultant who will guide you through the opening of your Carigars Franchise, once you are set up you will have a dedicated Franchise Consultant.

Franchisees come from all walks of life. We believe qualified individuals can range from entrepreneurs with no handyman experience to veteran handymen with little business experience at all. What matters to us is your character—we provide the training, support, and resources you need to be the capable owner of a successful home repair franchise.

Our ultimate goal is to help you succeed.

To do that, we provide you access to ongoing training and support in the following areas:

  • Setting up office systems and day-to-day operations
  • Technology training, including operation of our proprietary software systems
  • Education in the Carigars business systems, culture, and team development
  • Tested marketing systems, local marketing consulting and access to marketing collateral
  • Finance management and investments
  • Ongoing training and development

Connect with a Franchise DeveloperCall +91-7567543855

Preferred Vendor Discounts

At Carigars, as one of the Digimax ITS Pvt.Ltd. Group of brands, we are excited to offer Franchises the opportunity for membership in our preferred vendor discount and rebate program. Carigars Application is an asset that greatly differentiates us from our competitors. With the power of this program, we are able to offer supplies and products to our Franchise at discounted prices not available to independent business owners. In addition, we offer a Referral program, which has resulted in hundreds of thousands of annual Redemption.

Regional and National Conferences

Carigars and Digimax ITS Pvt.Ltd. Group offer regional and national conferences to give Franchises the opportunity to gather, share and learn together. There’s nothing like talking “shop” with fellow Franchise —they just understand the business! Each year the home-office goes above and beyond to provide training that brushes up on the basics and introduces new and exciting information.

Attending conferences is a sure way to recharge your batteries, keep up with handyman industry news, trends and current events, and have a whole lot of fun while doing it!