Be a Part of On demand Service Market

The On demand Services business is growing. At Carigars, we believe, “Every home needs a helping hand,” and with million of homes and businesses in the India alone, there is an abundance of opportunity for anyone willing to be that helping hand.

Don’t just take our word for it, look at the facts:

  • Almost every home and business required repairs work and new installations to be done on regular bases or as per requirements. so every home and business is a customer
  • Spending on new constructions and renovation is expected to rise every year, bringing new homes.
  • On-demand services encompass all digitally based marketplaces (primarily mobile) that offer convenient access to and/or fulfillment of all services.

Why Open a Carigars Franchise?

Opening a handyman service franchise will satisfy the needs of a growing home repair market. Making regular home repairs protects home values, which is why approximately 25 million homeowners undertake some type of home improvement project each year, according to research You could capitalize on this growing sector of the market by opening a Carigars franchise in a strategic location.

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Invest in Yourself, Your Community, & Your Future

We are looking for individuals who are self-driven team players with a passion for helping their communities and growing their businesses. Learn more about Carigars, and find out if opening a franchise is right for you. Our team is here to walk you through the process and to answer any questions you might have, so why wait?

Contact us today for more information about this exciting opportunity!